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    Purchasing Apps or In game items charged to your postpaid bill


      as stated on  the said subject, last August 26, 2014 on your globe website states that we postpaid subs can purchase in game items or certain app from Google Play Store and it will be charged automatically on our postpaid bill with screenshot on how to purchase @ play store but it is not working.... last September 26 i just received a text coming from GLOBE stating that i can purchase in game items like games of Clash of Clans and Candy Crush using my GLOBE Postpaid account... so I decided again to try but no option indicated that "enable Globe Telecom Billing"  i just only see "add Credit Card or Debit"..... today i called your hotline in regardless on the said news... your csr told me that the said promo or activity has been stopped or should i say limited from other globe clients since the said promo has some problems so the option "enable Globe Telecom Billing"  is not there.... and there are certain apps or in game items has this feature....try to recall "i received an sms stating that i can purchase in game items on Clash of Clans and it will be charged on my postpaid bill"  so which is true?  if the said promo has been halted or a certain app is only available for purchasing thru GLOBE Postpaid, i believe GLOBE should release also a statement  or an sms stating "we are sorry for fhe the inconvenience since the said promo or activity has been stopped due to numerous problem encountered, rest assured that......" so to summarize i haven't received any info in the said problem.... i hope someone will answer my questions thanks and more power...