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    The effect of my Bandwidth Cap is too early to me


      Hi,Good Day!!


      I have a problem with my Account (3mbps-1599plan-2013 price plan).


      I download our family video compilation(rar archive) that came from my brother in US,he upload the file in mediafire(the file is enormously big,20gb but in a 1gb per archive part)then he gave me the link of the folder and i start downloaded it,i download it part by part until i noticed that in part 4 the download speed decreased from 300kbps to 100kbps and i start to think there's maybe a problem on globe side so i stopped my download and scheduled it to resume tommorrow,then i resume my download and my bandwidth become 300kbps again so i continue downloading until part 8 when the 100kbps showed again so i became steamy because 100kbps is so slow for a 1gb file,it take me 5 days to finish the whole parts,i think that globe throttle my download speed to early because according to their fair use policy a 3mbps should have a 7gb reserved per day but mine is got only 4gb and after that my speed will be decreased,i plan to call this on globe hotline but i post it first here hoping that someone could help me.





      Thanks if you reply.