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    Clarification regarding sa anti bill shock


      Nka gosurf 999 ako then, 5gb for 30days, ng exceed n ung mobile internet ko sa 5gb. I'm i applicable for anti bill shock for 1500? Kasi tumawag aq sa globe sabi dw hanggang 2500 dw mccharge sakin then stop charging na. Parang ang labo sabi sa globe website hanggang 1500 lng ung charging pg nk gosurf 999. Tas sabi ng csr na nk mybest ever superplan aq kya 2500, mgkaiba ba un sa gosurf 999? pls clarify.thanks!

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          shielag25 Anti-bill shock for GoSurf 999 and below is 1,500. In your case, your internet usage should be charged 999 and an additional 501 (deducted from available PV first, on top of your bill second) according to GoSURF | HELP AND SUPPORT.


          A scenario that would result to P2,500 is a Plan 999 with a GoSurf 999 Booster [999 + 999 GoSurf Booster + 501 for Anti-Bill Shock = 2,499]. Here, Boosters are automatically charged on top of the bill.


          You may want to call the hotline and speak to a different CSR for a second opinion.