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    Frequent Disconnection of my Wimax.


      Signal was fine then it suddenly disconnect and can't connect anymore. Happens Daily. It was happening a few months back but it was very rare.. like once a week I guess.. but now it happens daily.

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          Paulo D

          Hi kleverkarl25!


          You can try basic troubleshooting at http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/help

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            Hi kleverkarl25,


            I have experienced the same problems and I have tried to contact Globe regarding this. Their help support form Talk2Globe Email Form basically doesn't seem to work (I get some "illegal character error" but that is clearly not the problem and in Chrome I can't specify my birthday even). I tried the chat, but that was even worse! It was a very long and frustrating experience and I didn't get any help! See transcript below for your amusement.


            So my Internet just stops working after using *certain* apps for a few minutes and I am forced to reboot. This worked fine a few weeks ago. I suspect Globe is somehow responsible for this. Something that "violates" the FUP terms but isn't stated anywhere.


            I suspect I will have to switch to another provider. But at least the customer service can't possibly be any worse!


            <Support>:It's a wonderful day here at Globe! This is XXX, your live chat agent. How may I help you today?


            <Me>:I have network problems with my mobile wifi

            <Support>:I'm sorry to learn that.

            <Me>:I have a prepaid SuperSurf plan

            <Support>:Just to confirm, are you transacting for mobile no. 0916506XXXX?

<Me>:Some apps I have only work for a few minutes. After that I have to reboot the wifi device.

            <Me>:That is correct

            <Support>:What is the model your device?

            <Me>:So after some minutes nothing works anymore and I need to reboot. That was not the case a few weeks ago...


            <Support>:What is the error prompt every time you try to connect to the internet?

            <Me>:Well nothing happens. I guess I would just get a timeout if I wait long enough. But the same with all pages

            <Me>:If I don't use these apps then the internet works fine. And after a reboot it is also always fine.

            <Support>:How much is your current load balance?

            <Me>:Don't really know. But I have the supersurf 999 so I don't see how that could matter.

            <Me>:Also, isn't that something you can check?

            <Support>:Yes, you need to maintain P5 load balance to enjoy the service.

            <Me>:I have 2P only and it works.

            <Support>:May I also know your location?

            <Me>:When I bought the device in a Globe store they loaded it for me with 1000P when I said I want the supersurf 999...

            <Me>:I am in cebu city

            <Support>:Let me check it.

            <Me>:It seems like the bandwidth is throttled to zero somehow based on the actual data being sent. Is there something like that in the FUP?

            <Support>:As verified, you've not yet reached the 800 MB data usage of your promo.

            <Me>:Yes. Otherwise I would not be able to chat right now...

            <Me>:Is there no logs on your side that can be checked?

            <Support>:Please try to reload at least P5 and check your connection.

            <Me>:It can't be related to my balance. Otherwise it would not be working right now either.

            <Support>:I'm sorry but you should maintain P5 to enjoy the promo.

            <Me>:I *am* enjoying the promo. So I guess I do have a 5P balance

            <Me>:I actually thought that I would get to chat with a technician.

            <Me>:Are you still there?

<Support>:I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

            <Support>:Your balance is not enough for the maintaining balance of the promo.

            <Me>:Apparently it is enough. Like I said I do have a 5P balance.

            <Support>:As verified, your load is not enough to for the maintaining balance of your promo.

            <Support>:Kindly retry to reload at least P5.

<Me>:Sorry, but this is getting silly.

<Me>:Like I said, I am connected to the internet right now.

            <Me>:So you can't claim that is the problem. Do you follow that argument?

<Support>:I'm sorry but you need to maintain P5 balance to enjoy the service and to avoid being disconnected to the internet.

            <Me>:Is there the possibility to chat with some technician or someone that can help me?

<Support>:I am empowered to assist you with your concern.

            <Me>:Sorry, but what you are saying just doesn't make sense.

            <Me>:I am not sure what you mean by empowered, but what I have received so far I wouldn't call "help".

            <Me>:So again, can I speak to someone that can help?

            <Support>:It's part of the process that you need to maintain P5 load balance to enjoy the service.

            <Me>:You have said that many times now.

            <Me>:But again, apparently that is not true. Because the internet is working.

            <Me>:So, could you please answer my question?

<Me>:I am glad I get a transcript which I can use for future reference.

            <Support>:I understand your concern but in order to enjoy the service you need to have P5 load balance.

            <Me>:Could you PLEASE stop repeating that and answer my question?


            <Support>:Kindly retry to reload P5 and monitor if you will still experience intermittent connection.

            <Me>:What is this? Am I talking to a computer? Do you not read what I write?

            <Me>:How many other people are you chatting with? Or why does it take so long to get a reply?

            <Support>:I understand your concern,

            <Me> but it's part of the process.

            <Me>:What is part of the process?

            <Support>:That you need to maintain P5 load balance to enjoy the service.

            <Me>:It would almost appear the process is about NOT answering the customer's questions.

            <Me>:I don't think we are getting any further. Since you refuse to answer my question if I can speak to anyone else, can you tell me what your real full name is, in case I need that for reference?

            <Support>:My full name is XXX and my employee ID is zzz.

            <Me>:OK. I wish you a nice evening then.

            <Me>:And I have noted that you still refuse to answer my question.

            <Support>:Thank you for using Talk2GLOBE Chat! I'm glad to have served you today.