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    Rude Customer Service


      Does this escalate to globe? I tried to look for any channels in this not-so-friendly website but I can;t find any way to escalate this complain.


      I called today at around 1PM for a reconnection and the agent did process nicely. She told me that it should be available in two hours or less and to call if my outgoing activities will not be reactivated.


      I called 2 hours as advised by her. The agent who answered the phone has "limited resources" as she quoted it and was not able to answer my inquiry as to why my reconnection did not happen but was instead told to wait for 24-48 hours. I requested for a supervisor because I demand an answer so I've waited around 20 minutes to speak with one.


      I spoke with a supervisor named ANDY RAMIREZ who was very rude in talking over me and repeatedly saying that this is a system error and I have to wait for 24 hours. I told him my point that I cannot wait for that long since this is the only number I am using for business and personal purposes but he kept on saying as if both him and I do not have a choice but to wait. If he is/was a supervisor and he does not have any other ability, but just like his agents, I do not think that he is worthy to be called one. He was very rude in talking to me as if I am asking a favor for them for something they screwed up. He seemed to just wanted to get rid of me on the phone. Very incompetent both in talking and ustomer service!!!


      I asked for a manager and spoke with Jess Macalde. Although it was not resolved, the way she handled it was very much professional than that of ANDY RAMIREZ who seemed to be just dragging himself to work.


      GLOBE -  I admit that I have also been not nice on the conversation with him but if you can listen to it, you have a soul in there that does not care for your customers. He does not have the attitude and even the skills to handle escalated calls, which I pressumed affects his team also - if he has one. I have been callinggyour customer service before but this is the first time I felt the need to let you know of the untoward attitude that one of your employees representing you. You are a big company, please do not allow a single person to ruin a reputation.


      Give all your employees cometitive trainings to answer inquries aside from the "system upgrade" they know. Have supervisors available always to speak with. Maintain a ratio of sup-agent of 1:15 for everybody to be productive. You are paying ANDY RAMIREZ without ROI!!!!!!!!!