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    Blackberry 999 to Unlisurf Combo 999


      When I finished my contract (Blackberry Unlisurf 999) middle of this year I held off on getting a new phone and availed the bill rebate instead. I was reassured at that time that when I am already decided to get a new phone -- since I am an old subscriber -- I can convert my Blackberry 999 plan to Unlisurf combo 999 plan and keep the freebies (but not the P400 consumable). However when I tried to call this week (wanting to get iphone 5s under another 2-yr contract) they could no longer convert me to Unlisurf combo 999. The agent insisted that I can only be converted to any Best Ever plan. And I dont like it.


      Is there anything that I can do about this issue?

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          You can only retain the old plan if you will continue using it. Since you want to avail a new device, you will be automatically converted to the new Best Ever Superplan. Since the new plan has a new value for Peso Value so some of your freebies will no longer be applicable or your consumables will decrease. Most of the plan for Blackberry is not applicable for android or iOS devices this is the reason the agent insist that you convert to new plan.