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    GoSurf999 Combo Antibill shock concerns


      I'm quite confused of the GoSurf999 and how to make it unlimited. Here are my scenarios:


      1. Plan 1799 - GoSurf999 Combo + 1100 Free Handset - 1100 Consumable left...after days of usage you used up all 5gb but didnt used the monthly consumable so since gosurf has antibill shock of upto 1500 will it deduct your consumable upto PhP501(since 1500-999) leaving u with 599 peso value consumable...or 999 isn't deducted from the antibill shock so...1100 will be consumed and the on top charges to your account will only be 400 pesos since it has already deducted 1100 from your consumables.


      2. The same plan scheme with no. Except you used up all the consumable...will it be Php 501 on top of your bill(since 999peso value of combo + 501=1500 antibill shock) or exactly 1500 on top for it to be unli??

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          Globe Antibill Shock applies only to your data plan, let's say you have a plan 1799 and subscribe to GoSurf 999. Once you consume the data allocation from the data plan GoSurf 999 which is 5GB, for the succeding data usage you will be charge Php 2 per MB. What ever the amount of your data you used after you consume your data allocation for the month your data charges will only be Php 1500. As for for the remaining consumable if you have used up all your remaining PV, any recurring charges such as calls and sms this will be applied on top of your plan. But for a consumable of 1100PV it would be sufficient enough for a month so I will not worry too much about this.

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              Yes VinceVince, there's a lot of confusion as to how this is applied even among Globe employees of which I would always ask each Globe Business Center I would go to and even with the CSRs I speak with over the phone.


              The following are the different answers they will give assuming that you have exceeded your GoSurf subscription and extra surfing (being charged Php 2.00/Mb) have exceeded Php 1,500.00:


              1. The Php 1,500 is added on top of the bill even if you have a GoSurf subscription as a combo;'


              2. Php 1,500 is the MAXIMUM amount to be paid which includes the GoSurf subscription assuming it is a 30 day promo GoSurf 999 or below;

              a. The balance amount amount (in your case Php 501.00) is billed on top of the bill

              b. The balance amount amount (in your case Php 501.00) is deducted from the remaining comsumables first (if there is any remaining) then the rest is billed on top of the bill (if there are no more consumables left).


              If we look at the FAQ and the explanation of the anitbillshock... GoSURF | HELP AND SUPPORT


              I like the sound of the no billshock guarantee. How exactly does it work?


              We like the no billshock guarantee too!

              If you're a Postpaid customer on GoSURF 999 and below, in case you use up your MB allocation, you are guaranteed that you will not pay more than P1,500 monthly. After you reach your MB limit, your internet connection will be charged P2 per MB. Do note that registrations to GoSURF non-30 day plans, will NOT count against the P1,500 data bill cap.

              For you to better understand this, here's a computation:

              Registers to GoSURF 499 with 1.5GB of data


              You reach 1.5GB data limit, surf charged at P2/MB:
              You use up 500MB

              700MB x P2 = P1,400

              Total Data Charges


              GoSURF Bill Shock Guarantee (data bill cap)





              It is clear that P1,500.00 is the MAXIMUM amount which INCLUDES already the GoSurf Subscription and therefore answer #1 would not hold anymore.


              What is NOT CLEAR is whether or not the excess is chargeable to consumables OR billed on top of the bill.


              If we are to check About mySUPERPLAN | Postpaid | Help and Support and where CONSUMABLES could be applied, it states:



              Wow! So does this mean that 1 Peso Value is equivalent to Php1?


              You're right! After choosing your gadgets and combos, the remaining Peso Value – with each one equal to Php1 – will be automatically converted to your consumables.

              So if you have 500 remaining Peso Values, you can use those PVs to call, text and surf for a total cost of P500.

              So IF we are to follow these premises given Globe's definitions through their FAQs, then the amount of Php 1,500.00 LESS the GoSurf Subscription of Php 999.00 (which is Php 501.00) should be CHARGED TO CONSUMABLES.


              I personally would want this validated by asking someone or anyone to post their bill online as to how this is being charged as I too am tempted to subscribe to this. Please delete account details when posting.


              Please also note that being a subscriber of Globe for 20 years now, I have seen how the company would change its parameters with no prior notice with their subscribers.