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    Samsung Globe Users


      My phone is Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and the unli I am currently using is GoUnli25, unli calls to Globe/TM and texts all net + Viber. My question is..is there any way to stop an app from eating my load? Every time I go for this subscription the only app I use is Viber since that is what I availed for but my load decreases up to 10 pesos or more or worst eats all my load which is around 300php for I don't know reason. I already downloaded 2 firewalls which is NoRootFirewall and Droidwall. I don't really know how to do it on NoRoot but on Droidwall the only one I placed a check on to access for mobile data is Viber. One time I tried using viber without internet connection and the mobile data is turned off but it said I have to have my internet connection or mobile data on to use viber. I also tried force stopping the apps in the application manager and still my load decreases. If anyone knows how to solve my problem please feel free to reply and message me.


      Thank you!