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    LG G3 or Samsung Note 4?


      I am really eyeing on the LG G3 but the problem is, it's not offered for re-contracting I am so upset about this,

      so I just want to ask if you have any idea about the release of the Note 4?

      or we're you able to get the LG G3 as an upgrade?


      Next question...

      What if I have a second line under my name but this is being use by a different person  and there is a huge

      outstanding balance should that balance be settled first before I can upgrade my own line?



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          You can try visiting the nearest Globe Store, as far as I can remember when I was inquiring for a recontract they offered me the LG G3 a day before it was offered but decline to it. As for the Note 4 no official word when it will be offered same goes with the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus.


          For your second question, you will need to settle first any outstanding balance before you can avail for a recontract and upgrade your plan.

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            hmn... say for example


            Plan A is eligible for an upgrade and is fully paid ( no outstanding balance )

            but Plan B that is also under my name but has a different account number that is being used by somebody else still has unsettled charges, if this is the case I cannot upgrade my Plan A is this right?

            reason I ask is 2 years ago I had the same experience somebody is using my other line and they are not up to date with the payment but I was still able to upgrade Plan A.


            BTW which globe store offered the LG G3 to you?

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                Unless Globe will be able to view all the account that is listed under your name, they might or might not ask you to settle all the outstanding balance. It will still depend on the person or customer service who will assist you regarding this matter. But, as long the Plan B is not a delinquent subscriber as long as they pay all the outstanding balance you might not to worry. The Globe Store who offered me the G3 was at Trinoma, just don't know if they still have stocks.