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    iPhone 6 and Recontracting and Retention


      Hello.  AS we all know the new iPhones will probably released in the near future.  As I was browsing the globe website I noticed that there is no unlimited surfing.  When I avail of the new iPhone, will I have to subscribe to Gosurf plans or can I retain my Unlimited data?  I don't mind dealing with FUP.  What I do mind is having to pay extra for exceeding.  I have been through so many arguments with GBCs and the hotline about enormous bills due to data. Yes there is the anti bill shock thing but that still adds 1,500.00 pesos over your bill or at least that is how I understand it.  I am not part of the small percent of subscribers who abuse the connection and I feel I should not loose the opportunity to an unlimited data plan with no worries about data charges other than the 999 that I pay now.

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          If you avail the iphone 6 through retention (assuming it would be offered), then you can still retain your unlimited plan.


          But if you are considering to get a new plan just for the sake of the iphone 6, then the parameters of the new GoSurf plan would apply.


          Based on the iphone 5's Philippine release, the price of the iphones have been uniform with the telcos and local dealers. You might want to check the authorized local dealers which sell warrantied, unlocked units if they have attractive installment plans.