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    Best Ever my super plan 299 inquiry


      Hi! Can anyone help me. I bought an O+ phone last September from a gadget store and a Globe agent asked me if I want to avail Globe's plan 299. I said no since I'm already a prepaid user but the agent insisted that the plan is free. She said that this is a promo from Globe. Once you bought an O+ phone it comes with a free 6 months subscription to Super plan 299. So, i was surprised by the promo, 6 months for FREE. I asked for details and she said all I have to submit is an ID and she'll give me the SIM, and I'll just wait until my line is activated. The agreement is that once I bought the phone it comes with 6 months free of charge subscription to super plan 299. If i want to continue the plan, I would start paying on the 7th month. And the payment for the 6 months promo is already included on the phone's price. So the plan is all FREE. Now, I've been using the SIM for a week and I was surprised to receive an email of my first billing. I thought everything on the 6 month period is FREE so how come I received a billing worth 308php??? Can anyone from Globe verify this please? Is that transaction a fraud? Do I really have to pay my billing?? Please help me.