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    iPhone 5S - Recontracting




      I have been a Globe post-paid subsciber for years now. My latest contract involved of availing the iPhone 5, so that was last December 2012. I paid a cash out(unrecalled) for the phone and availed plan 1799. I am planning on having my plan recontracted this coming December 2014. The questions I would like to ask would be...


      1. If I would avail of a recontracting plan, still at 1799, and I plan on getting an iPhone 5S 32gb, would I be able to avail of the iPhone 5s 32gb?

      2. If I would be able to avail of the iPhone 5S 32gb, would there still be a cash out for the said device, considering that I've been a loyal Globe subscriber?

      3. If there will be a cash out, how much?




      I think that would be all for now.



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          You might want to ask those questions when you are about to recontract as Globe's offers may vary and subject to change from time to time. However, just to give you an idea, the offers for a new subscriber and a subscriber who would want to recontract are almost the same.


          Loyalty is just a marketing term and the only thing different (from the offers to a new subscriber) is the offer for bill rebates which could be around 47% of your plan assuming that it does not fall under the "Best Ever" plan. Even that they took away in the "Best Ever" plan (which before was possible).


          Take it from a "loyal" subscriber of 20 years.