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    Bring back PowerSurf


      Powersurf had been my promo of choice for my data. I'm a power user so I need large amount of data for downloading large amount of files. Powersurf Time variant gave me the freedom of downloading things I need for my hobbies.


      I hope Globe will bring it back because GoSurf doesn't fit for me. Nowadays everything demands a lot of data that makes Powersurf Time a great help.

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          Hi Ultravioletrey,


          GoSurf is better than Powersurf. check the Details:




          Powersurf 99   has 50MB allocation for Data and the cost is  99 Pesos

          Powersurf 299 has 300MB allocation for Data and the cost is  299 Pesos 


          While GoSurf,


          GoSurf 99       has 100MB allocation for data and the cost is 99 Pesos

          GoSurf 299     has  700MB allocation for data and the cost is 299 Pesos.


          If you are pertaining to Supersurf


          SuperSurf (Not available anymore)


          SuperSurf  has no MB allocation coz it's an unlimited Internet access but before it was gone it has 1GB data allocation for 1 day.  R.I.P SuperSurf.