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    What part of 1pm can't Globe understand?


      I got a call last saturday from a globe rep that my application has been approved and the unit will be delivered tuesday, so i said, can you take note to deliver it 1pm onwards, because im at the office EVERYDAY 1pm onwards, the rep said OK. Today, 11am, tne globe courier sent a text that they're at my office, I told them I left a simple instruction of 1pm onwards, so when I got here at office at 1pm, i sent the courier a message, no response, I called them, he said "bukas ng umaga na lang po ma'am, nasa Pasig na po ako eh" so i said "wala nga po ako ako sa umaga, baka naman po pwede 1pm onwards" the courier said "eh hindi ko po alam. tawag na lang po kayo sa globe" so i tried and talked to globe chat, i asked if i can pick up the unit at a globe store. MA. CRIZEL RAMOS is her name, she replied with a confident YES. I called globe sales, they told me "NO". I am 8 months pregnant and never been stressed out like this in my entire pregnancy, A SIMPLE INSTRUCTION OF 1PM ONWARDS. Gaano ba kahirap intindihin yon? When i called globe, i was transferred to 4 people, and ended up with an answer "we'll coordinate this with the support team and we'll let you know" - SERIOUSLY?!

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            I work in a hotel, I surely know what customer service is all about, and trust me, I am polite and and courteous at all times, I face irate clients in person, not through phone. So I know, how to handle these things. the problem here is the inconsistency of information they have given me. The live chat agent says YES i can pick up the unit in ANY Globe store. The agent via phone says NO i cannot pick-up the unit at any store.


            What if I wasn't using my brains and flied a leave for tomorrow and went to a Globe store expecting I'll get my unit right away? The implications of what they do based on how they handle their clients is quite impossibly unreasonable, no matter how long the article is, and no matter how patient you are towards them.


            I have spoken to four people. FOUR. And the three people I've dealt with didnt even relay my concern to the person where they will transfer me to, so I had to repeat the scenario 4 times in 4 different people. So, no, unless the Globe courier arrives tomorrow at 1pm onwards, Globe will never redeem their name in my standards. EVER.


            It was one simple instruction.

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                Simplicity is not a byword of any of our telcos (to be fair with Globe). Unfortunately, this culture has been going on for decades and I don't think any of those companies would want to redeem themselves otherwise they would have changed already by now.


                Unless you are somebody who knows how to complain and use people from the inside, they would expect us just to accept the situation. Don't get me wrong... I've been dealing with these people and have even spent money trying to sue them just for the principles involved... it took the whole of 5 years, a lot of money and time spent and just the satisfaction of going up against them... nothing much in return.

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