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    My first payment was terrible


      My first payment was yesterday for my mobile postpaid was so discouraging, I wasn't able to know that if you are going to use the machine for the payment you pay the exact amount, Because I wasn't told! actually it was my first time to get mobile postpaid, there isn't no instruction on how to use, and even assistants there isn't, my first payment was supposed to be 374.26 pesos only but since I don't have 374.26 on my pocket I used my 1000 peso bill because I was thinking that maybe the machine or the teller will give me the change, so while processing I was shocked because the amount bill that I paid was 1000 pesos, so I went to the teller and ask her about what happen, the teller just told me that they are not allowed to open or give any refunds, So I told her that is there any way that you can give me the refund but the teller just say there isn't I was very disappointed because that was my first payment and I don't have enough money that time, I almost cried in front of the teller very disgusting.