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    Garena Plus X/RED Ping


      I've been playing Warcraft III/Dota for the past 2 years with globe, sometimes connections are good, but then again most of the time whenever I access the Garena ROOM, all of my connection to other players are either X ping or RED ping, which means I have poor connection and ussualy gets disconnected during the game, I'm happy with GLOBE dsl service, good speed, good Ping whenever I try to ping a website BUT behind all of those positive results, tried to do PORT forwarding, DMZ mode if possible, hoping I can also do an Ip passthrough and disable firelwall and antivirus application on my computer. reset modem, powercycle the modem, disconnect and reconnect my PPPOE account, but still no improvements, I could SAY that GLOBE cannot handle multiple servers but I'm just not happy right now.


      To MOST players of GARENA GLOBE - I believe that you agree with this issue, do you have any RESOLUTION that you can possibly recommend, before I decide to get another provider that can handle multiple servers.


      P.S. modem/gateway of GLOBE is not very reliable.

      (just sharing my frustration, Hope someone can save me from this agony)

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              i am having the same problem with my globe tattoo home broadband plan it supposed to have a "5 to 2 MBPS" but my MBPS say i only have "0.76 MBPS" sir how can i speed up or get a better connection so that i can play warcraftIII on garena much better because the other players always kick me out of their game because of having a high ping iv'e been using globe for a couple of years and it's just getting worse unlike when it's new i don't have any problem but for awhile i am getting LAG and Disconnection in the middle of my game and now they are not letting me join because of a high ping please tell me what to do or kindly help me sir i will be so satisfied if u could do something as soon as possible. Thank you for you concern sir please do something about this.


              sincerely your loyal customer..

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                I need help.. the same issue here..


                thanks and regards