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    Samsung Galaxy S5 [6 months advance method]


      Hello community, I'm planning to apply for Galaxy S5 using 6 months advance as proof of income but I don't know how it works really.

      Samsing Galaxy 5 is at Plan 1799 (Plan 999 + 800 Cash out).

      If I'm going to pay for 6 months will it be (1799 x 6months) or [(999x6) + (800x24months)]?

      Another question: Will there be any admin fee for 6 months advance?

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          For the Galaxy S5 plan 999 with Php 800 cash-out for 24 moths. Basically, since you do not have a proof of income and you are willing to pay the 6 months advance of the Monthly Service Fee (MSF which is 999) you will need to pay the cash-out for the device in full which in total will be is Php 19200. There will be no admin fee just your MSF you will be paying.