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    spotify premium


      i was informed by your agent that i would automatically get a spotify premium for 6 months but when i tried to go to spotify.glob.com.ph, i got a 7 days trial valid until 2014-10-18 coz i got this on the 11th . when i tried to get my 6 months trial i got this message

      • 1. Go to the spotify login page https://www.spotify.com/ph/account/subscription/
      • 2. Log in with your username and password
      • 3. Select "I am accepting a Premium offer from a Spotify partner."
      • 4. Scroll down and select "Cancel Subscription."
      • 5. Enter your Spotify password and click "Cancel Spotify Premium subscription."


      but when i went to the site provided.. there is no such thing as "I am accepting a Premium offer from a Spotify partner." provided in the page

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          Hi allarickxander,


          Hindi po automatic. need mo pa e regester  ung number sa spotify.globe.com.ph


          1> Enter yung Mobile number mo

          2> sa next page ng spotify.globe.com.ph dun mo lalagay verification code na narecieved mo. dapat mag co-continue yan sa next page.

          3> tapos Log-in mo account mo sa spotify na gamit mo sa apps. sa next page din.

          4> pagkatapos mag log-in dapat my makikita kang "Ready to use your premium account" ata' tapos. punta ka www.spotify.com. log-in your account.

          5> punta ka sa "My Subscription" tingnan mo kung nakalagay na "YOU ARE NOW USING FREE PREMIUM ACCOUNT" hndi dapat "FREE SPOTIFY"


          ganyan ginawa ko para maging premium ung sakin. Goodluck po