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    Globe unable to reconnect my line :(


      On 10/16/2014, I received a text from globe saying that they cancelled my outgoing services. I double checked my account and verified na I haven't exceeded my credit limit yet. Also, I just paid a partial amount of P1500 last 10/7/2014. There is still a remaining P2000 balance scheduled to be paid today 10/17/2014 through my online banking account.


      I tried the self service reconnect and received a text that my account is already reconnected but I still cannot send texts or call any number. I called 211 and they mentioned that my account was marked "No Collections" even though the partial payment is already reflected. The rep told me that they should not have disconnected my line because I paid a partial amount so they will RESTORE it. However, the rep said that she cannot reconnect my account because THE RESTORE BUTTON IS GREYED OUT. She said she will file an escalation report and I have to wait AFTER 24 HRS before they can check the escalation.


      This is just so UNFAIR globe! I pay my bills on time. Ngayon lang nagkaroon ng delay and putol agad? Tapos di maireconnect because the button to reconnect is greyed out? Take note, I have not exceeded my credit limit pero pinutol agad ng collections team? Is it because I am not able to answer their calls? The rep told me I had to wait for a day before you can fix it?? But I will be charged another P1799 even though I cannot use my line for 2 or more days? I'd really hope you can help me with this, I cannot afford to wait more than a day. I am suppose to pay the P2000 remaining, but I will hold it off until my line is reconnected.

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          jujut ..

          Hi jameefied .. Sorry for the inconvenience that yor experiencing .. But regarding your line reconnection only globe rep can help you and assist you with, since we here in community don't have access with yor account. For yor ref. and account viewing you may access GLOBE just log on using yor valid email or sign up.. also if they provided you a time frame like you need to wait for another 24hours you really should since they're doing there part as well to help you. If yor concern is yor going to pay for the whole plan w/c is plan 1799 w/o using it for more than 2 days you may ask for an adjustment for the said days that yor not able to use yor plan after yor bill generates..

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            Paulo D

            Hi jameefied!


            Sorry to know that. Sent you a private message which you can view from the menu above.