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    Advice for how to buy a plan for someone else when I live in a different country


      I live in the USA and I would like to buy a plan for my girlfriend who lives in the Philippines.  The purpose behind this is so that she no longer has to "buy a load" and therefore her phone always works.  I would also like to make it less expensive for me to send text messages to her and for her to send text messages to me.  I have spent over an hour hunting through Globe's website, but it is very confusing and focuses on things I'm not interested in.  Ideally, I would like unlimited domestic texts, unlimited domestic minutes and a whole lot of international texts.  I don't care much about international minutes because I have tried calling her already and the connection between here and there is always unusable.  So, if anybody has any guidance, I would really appreciate it.


      And please, don't tell me I'm being scammed or anything like that.  I traveled there, I met her in person, I met her family, she's real and I know it.




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          I'll try to assist you on this, since you are located in US and you wish to get a postpaid plan for your girlfriend that lives in the Philippines. I assume your girlfriend is working but unable to apply for a plan, the option that she can take is pay the Monthly Service Fee 6 months in advance (depending of what type of plan she wish to get). This is only if your girlfriend does not have proof of income. But remember, Globe does not accept credit card that is issued outside the Philippines for payment. This will have to do by your girlfriend via the Globe Store. Mostly of the FAQ's you see on Globes website are design for use only in the Philippines except for the roaming services. It would be better to ask your girlfriend to visit the nearest Globe Store and inquire what is the best options she can take for the type of services that you mentioned.