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    cant refund historical home broadband account!!!=-((


      can anyone help me about this major problem, its almost 2 months past since i cut my account from globe and i had a exceeding amount to refund... I've already visit to big globe store allocated here in visayas1 and they said in order to help me refund the exceeding payment i should wait 1 month because they don't have enough budget to refund me. So naghintay kami, pagbalik namin sa globe store they said na walang na process refund for the account. So ang ibig nilang sabihin kailangan ko na naman maghitay ng another month...It's not fair kasi dapat naman po talaga ng marefund ang account that supposedly historical.... PLEASE somebody Help ME, wala akong nakuhang matinung tulong sa kahit anong services ng globe. Ito po yung mga sinubukan kong lapitan para matulongan ako (HOTLINE, GLOBE CHAT, GLOBE SUPPORT and ADMIN).

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          Do you have a reference number when you call the hotline Contact Us again regarding the refund request? If yes, call the hotline and ask why it was not processed to clear things up. Since you concern is account specific the community does not have access to this information.

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            It really takes time to have a refund processed more for control purposes rather than budget purposes. The Globe business centers or even offices are NOT allowed to disburse checks or cash unless it has the proper clearances and documentation from a higher authority which is subjected to checks and balances and reverification.


            It would have been easier if no money or check is involved and require only a debit/credit from one Globe account to another Globe account.


            Just to give you an idea, it took my around 6 months for a rival telco to process my overpayment when I terminated an account with them. AS long as you have a reference number with a specific GLOBE BUSINESS OFFICE (not a Globe premium store being run and managed by a separate company) , you may have to follow this up from time to time. They usually fill out a slip for refund requests of which they give you a copy for reference. Try to obtain that if possible and jsut deal with that Business office for this specific transaction.

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              Paulo D

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              Sorry to know that. Sent you a private message which you can view from the menu above.