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    Consistently Reaching FUP W/O Heavy Internet Use


      Hello. It's my second month as a tattoo home subscriber, 5mbps bundle. I have basic networking and internet knowledge to understand the fair use policy and internet speed throttling.


      I have had to call around 8 times for technical concerns, and I'm just on my second month. I'm worried about other subscribers who aren't as vigilant about their promised speed, and also for people who aren't always at home to monitor their internet.


      Why is the FUP reset with my subscription so inconsistent? I've read here before that this is a common problem. People aren't home in my house during the day but when I use the internet at night it's already under fair use. I wait for it to reset the next day but it's the same thing. No use in the morning, FUP at night. I have to call it in at 730am to have it manually reset. What should I do and what could Globe do about it?


      I don't want to pay the ppoe password reset fee if this is the problem, since I'm not doing anything wrong. With the monthly fee I've already agreed to, it's just fair for me to keep complaining about my speed and get my 10GB per day.


      Thanks for reading. :)