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    Globe Broadband Upgrade


      Hi Globe,


      Loyal subscriber here. A little intro before I start my story.


      I'm current globe DSL subscriber for almost 4years. During throughout this period I've experienced the following: multiple connection interruptions during rain; IP server assigns you an IP that does not connect to the internet; on site repair will take 3days after incident report (on site repair actually improved. globe has now this next day on site repair scheme. yay!). I've learned to live with all these because I believe globe broadband is the best bang per buck internet subscription you can avail in the market (I don't know if this is still true since I have not checked their competition recently).



      And now my globe broadband upgrade saga.


      After my first 2years on globe DSL I was given a rebate by globe as part of their loyalty program (yay for rebate!) After another several months, I've checked the globe broadband website and there was this free upgrade to 3mbps. I've called globe to check if I could avail of the free upgrade. Below is the gist of the conversation.


      me: I've seen in your site that 3mbps only costs 999. I'm currently on plan 1mbps 995. can I upgrade to a 3mbps as a loyalty award? I've already been with globe for 2+ years. As I see it's only logical to spend +4 pesos to have 3mbps connection.

      agent: Sir, you can't upgrade because you availed on the rebate and as a result you are currently locked in to the plan for another 2years.

      me: If I can't upgrade, then can I downgrade instead? You have plan 899 which is also 1mpbs

      agent: Sir you can't downgrade because that is a different plan. That plan is wi-max, your plan is DSL. Cross upgrade and downgrade is not possible and therefore you can't downgrade.

      me: What's your advise on this?

      agent: Wait until the lock-in period is finished.

      me: *sigh*, OK I'll just finish the lock-in. Thanks for your time.


      I've waited until the lock-in period was almost finished and then called globe again.

      me: Hi, can I upgrade to a 3mbps data only subscription? Is this possible?

      agent: Sir as I checked the system, you can now avail of the 3mbps upgrade for free.

      me: Really?

      agent: Yes sir. I'll just get your details and after 24hrs the upgrade will take effect.

      me: This is nice. Thank you very much.


      After 24hrs...

      agent2: Sir I am calling regarding the upgrade

      me: What about it?

      agent2: Our front line agent confirmed you're upgrade but unfortunately sir, we can't provide the upgrade because the 3mbps "data only" plan is already phased out last September.

      me: What's your advise on this?

      agent2: I suggest you upgrade to our 1099. It includes a phone with 2mbps connection.

      me: But i don't need a land line. I've already got a cell. All i need is a data only plan.

      agent2: ...

      me: *sigh*


      Anyway, I'm still going to finish my lock-in period to globe which is this February 2015 cause I don't want to be a nuisance to globe. Please take note that I am not mad at globe. I'm just a little disappointed regarding on the availability of their 3mbps "data only" plan.


      Whether I'm still a globe DSL subscriber past February 2015 or not will not matter to globe. After all, I’m just a spoke on the wheel. The wheel is going to keep turning and I understand that.




      Thanks for reading.

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          The first agent is incorrect.

          The second agent is correct but he is not updated with the new changes.


          The third agent is the correct. and globe does not offer internet without landline anymore. Please check out http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/products/home-broadband.html#plans

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            I didn't know that the broadband plan has a rebate offer. But anyway, as far as I know rebate does not have a lock-in period when retaining your plan since this is not a value added service that you need to be locked-in for certain period. Rebate is a privileges for the subscribers for retaining with Globe or should I say loyal with the network. So in other words, the first agent is incorrect you should have able to get the free upgrade then discontinue the rebate and follow the new lock-in period of the upgrade plan (which you are lucky because since the day of Speak n Surf Broadband (2005 or 2006) I was not offered any rebate even up to now). Better call the hotline and speak with a much more knowledgeable agent or better yet go to the nearest Globe Business Center to clarify things.

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              Hi, I experience the same thing but with worse problem. They said I'm allowed to upgrade, I've been globe loyal subscriber for more than 3 years. My contract finally ended yesterday (Oct. 24, 2014) but before it was to end, I've been calling Globe for an upgrade. I'm with their 3 mbps plan with landline for 1 year and I'm paying 1599 per month. I've heard that there is this same price 1599 but with 5 mpbs plan so I intend to upgrade for it. I filed an upgrade inquiry, and after a day Globe finally called me.


              The agent said they can't proceed with my upgrade since it is not capable of handling 5 mbps. So I guess I will have to wait for a miracle to happen? I think dapat pag nag ooffer sila ng 'better' plan, they should at least be sure na kaya nila i-provide.


              That's just a let down.

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                  It means that the are your area cannot handle 5Mbps internet speed.

                  Remember that the plans depends on availability.


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                    If the 5Mbps plan is not available within your area, you might want just to avail the new pricing or ask for a rebate since your contract is already finish. Then ask the agent if when will be the availability of the higher speed plan. If you are not satisfied with the answer of the agent or if they don't know the answer, you can always go to the nearest Globe Business Center.