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    Bpi online payment


      IN paying our Globe tattoo postpaid thru bpi online which merchant shall i enroll it under? Globe has 3 merchants here, globe hamdyphone, globe innove, or globelines? Thanks!

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          Is your Globe tattoo postpaid plan a DSL/Broadband connection? if so I think Globe Innove (or see your previous billing statements)


          If your plan is mobile postpaid (mysuper plans/unlplans/etc/and the likes that uses your mobile phone) - globe handyphone


          I think if your subscription is purely of landline only (calls ndd/idd NO internet) - then that's globelines.


          But I think you might have to review your contract or your past billing statements and transactions to verify.


          If so, you may contact globe on their hotline


          +63 2.730.1000 (Customer Care)
          +63 2.730.1010 (Sales)
          +63 2.730.1300 (Loyalty)

          Mobile: 211

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            Hi piacabrido merchant should be globe innove.