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    mrf magic


      I was disconnected this aug of 2014...wats so shocking in the stori is -i got my line disconnected, so i was not consuming the service at all. ders this csr who told me I was still charged of this mrf though my account was already disconnected... to tell you there was no initiaative coming from the company to inform the cust about such instance,...now, i requested an invoice of my unpaid balances....ang oh c'mon///wat ive found i was charged of 700 plus for a month that i was not consuming the service , say I need to pay that mrf of 449...my gosh, 499 from 700+...

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          Under the Agreement you signed with Globe when you applied for the plan:


          7.7 We reserve the right to bar, suspend or temporarily disconnect the Service(s) in the event we find inconsistencies in the information provided in your application form, non-payment of an overdue account, usage in excess of spending limit, abnormal usage patterns, fraud, or other similar cases. You shall have no cause of action against us for barring, suspension or temporary disconnection. We may resume or reconnect your service(s) once you fully comply with our requirements. Further, you will continue to be liable for any applicable charges and/or fees, including but not limited to the monthly service fees during the applicable period despite the barring, suspension or temporary disconnection of the Service(s).