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    About Billing (new Postpaid user)


      I applied MySuperPlan 1299

      My Phone arrived Oct. 7 and it was activated on Oct 9.

      I paid 1299 upon receive of the package. (as for advance payment)


      Upon checking on globe website for billing info,

      I was expecting a bill of P1299 on Nov. 7 or 9,

      or meron ibang computation? Pls explain, pra hindi ma sira budget. Thanks

      heres my screenshot

      globe bill.jpg

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          I cannot deduce anything from what you posted except that Globe owes you Php 3.10. It would be better if you posted the pdf of your statement of account so we can analyze why there was an overpayment and when payment was made. It is usually found in the details of your statement and not in the summary.