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    Have you ever wondered why your first bill is not Zero?


      Most of our customers would call upon receiving their first bill asking why is it not showing a zero amount despite paying the advance payment upon acquisition. Did you experience the same? Share me your thoughts and I will tell you the reason why in the simplest of terms!

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          Experienced it too. I've called the customer service for that concern yet I'm still a bit confused. The infos were not that clear..

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            Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

            Your advance payment prior to line acquisition will be used up on the last month of your contract, Your Monthly Service Fee on your first bill was the Pro-rated charges that Includes MSF and other fees e.g. monthly cashout/on-top of the MSF charges.

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              The billing scheme works in the same way as when you are, let's say, checking on Mcdonald's or other enterprise where you would need to PAY first before you place your orders (Pay as You Order, that is).


              When you acquire your line the first time, you are asked to pay the monthly service fee (MSF) in advance, equivalent to your chosen plan. For illustration purposes, let us assume your chosen plan is 999.


              Now, I want you to take note of these 2 focal dates which impacts your first bill.

              1. Activation Date - refers to the actual date when your line was activated.

              2. Cut-Off Date - a system-assigned date which constitutes the end of every billing period. (i.e. every 15th, 3rd, 26th what have you)


              Suppose your line was activated November 2, 2014 and the system assigned your cut-off date as every 15th of the month.

              Your first bill will be generated by the system after your cut-off and will compute all billable charges from the activation date until your cut-off date (i.e. from November 2-15, that is).


              Assuming you did not have any ON-TOP of the bill charges in the same period, your first bill shall then show only the MSF Bill liner and shall be computed this way.


              1. Monthly Service Fee: one whole month of MSF to be billed immediately upon the next day after your cut off

              (that is, November 16) and shall cover the period until your next cut off (that is, December 15), vat inclusive.

              2. Pro-rated MSF:  # of days in the billing period (in the above illustration, that equates to 14 days) multiplied by the MSF (that is, 999) divided by the number of days in the calendar month (that is, 30 for November), vat inclusive.

              3. Value - Added Tax - 12% tax applied to all vatable items/transactions


              Calculated Billable Charges

              1. MSF - 891.96

              2. Pro-rated MSF - 416.25

              3. VAT - 156.99 (sum of 1 and 2 multiplied by 12%)


              Total Billable charges (sum of 1,2 and 3) equals 1465.20.

              Less Payments (made during line acquisition), that is 999.

              Total Current Charges, FIRST BILL - 466.20




              Now, what does that mean? Where did my advance payment go, you may ask.

              Your advance payment went to the next billing period that is from November 16 until December 15.

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                vicexcore Your advance payment was applied in your first bill. You paid 1799 outright during line acquisition, didn't you?

                If the advance payment was not applied in your first bill, then it would have looked like (1799 plus pro-rated charges which you said is 700 pesos, or 2500 let's say). If you check your first bill, you will notice there are 2 billing periods.


                1. One is from the activation date to the cut off date.

                2. The other one is from the day immediately next after your cut-off until the next cut-off.


                Your advance payment was applied to the latter MSF (2).


                When you terminate your account, whatever unused portion of your MSF (since you are technically paid at the time you terminate, again assuming that you did not miss any payments) will be returned to you as a credit/refund.


                Hope this helps!

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                  I experienced that also.i got my plan last oct 14,2014 then paid of 999.then i got a bill charges from oct 14,2014 to oct 17,2014.then my outstanding balance is 308.20. But my plan activation is 2days after i got my plan.how did it happened?

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                    Maling mali kung pano mag bill ang globe madupang talaga. Nagwork na ko before sa Timewarner, Comcast, AT&T at now sa AOL. Dapat kung kelan na'activate yung account mo yun ang billing cycle mo indi yung may inaassign pa sayung billing cycle yung system sa pinaka malapit mong date. Kaya gumugulo eh di tulad ng Bayantel at PLDT unang bill mo yung monthly service fee mo lang walang labis walang kulang kasi billing cycle nila is upon activation of the account di yung sa 1 ka nagpakabit at naactivate ang account tas sa 15th ang billing cycle mo ex nov 15 to dec 15 dapat nov 1 to dec 1 dahil yan yung 1 month ng service mo !!