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    GoSurf Alternatives?


      Is there any alternative Mobile Internet promo aside from GoSurf? If not, is Globe planning to make one in the future?


      My entire family is already subscribed to Spotify at only 129PHP per month per account, relatively cheap compared to other countries. Because of this, I see no need for the "free" Spotify premium account of GoSurf. Besides, the bandwidth cap


      I used to subscribe to SuperSurf whenever I have a vacation in the Philippines. When I arrive in the airport I just call the hotline and tell them to subscribe me to SuperSurf for a month and then when my vacation ends I call them again to cancel it.


      I really don't like GoSurf+Spotify It's like Apple automatically downloading that U2 album on your phone. I feel as if subscribing to it is the same as being forced into services I don't want. So are there any alternatives?