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    Complaint to spam


      Good day!


      I'am writing this email on behalf of my mother the account holder of a postpaid account with globe. Today October 28, 2014 10:58 pm we receive a text msg on the landline saying that we are charge P300 for using MMS included on that msg is the instruction on how to request the refund. I followed the instruction without knowing that it is a spam msg from this # 09753494111. Instead of getting a refund we are charge P300 on our postpaid account for sharing a load of P300 on the # 09061605625. We already call globe customer service about this but we are advise to send complaint on TM customer care to block this # to avoid future  inconvenience and ask if you can get some refund.


      I'am looking forward you can help us about this concern. We can fix this problem before the charge show on our next billing period. Thank you.



      Sincerely yours,



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          Recieved the same text as well from

          +639753895947: Globe Postpaid Advisory. You have been charged 300 pesos for texting roaming number. To deactivate charges. Just text 300 1212 send to 29753895946. Thank You. 




          +639061602331 stating Globe Advisory: Your Postpaid account has been charged PH300 for internet use. Not using internet? To refund just txt 300 2424 send to 29357863063.


          I tried calling the number and it rings but no answer. Complaint to spam@

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            Hi @Michelle Penuela,


            Sorry to hear that. You may report this case to our Twitter team for proper handling. You may also want to read this article on how to handle spam messages: How to handle spam messages?


            Hope this helps!