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    Taking so long to repair my connection and landline?


      I've called globe several times because of this and they can't even give me an accurate answer as to when they'll be able to fix this issue. They told me it's within my area and so far it's been almost half a week since our internet and landline went down. I'm willing to give them one more week before I terminate/cancel my subscription. Is this a valid reason to terminate/cancel my subscription?

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          I understand your concern, I had the same issue before. However, some of the agents from the hotline does not have complete information for delayed onsite schedule. Based on my search and talking to some Globe employees, the usual problem of the delayed onsite tech visit if they found that the problem is not with your end but a network issue in your area. Usually, they will send you a text message informing you that they have located the problem. All I can advise to you is keep on calling the hotline to follow up. Ask them if there are any network issue within your area and when it will be resolve. If there is no network issue, demand to have the onsite visit as soon as possible.