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    DUO Prepaid Registration


      I just bought a globe prepaid SIM card yesterday and loaded it with 500 pesos to register to DUO 450. I followed the registration method. (i.e, type DUO MM 450 and send to 8888), after I sent the text, 8888 replied and said that the keyword I entered were not correct. I tried several times but all i get are the same error replies.


      I then signed up and added the prepaid SIM number to the Globe online, I got enrolled successfully. I browsed the online features and go to PROMO SUBSCRIPTION and subscribed to DUO 450. It just asked me if I was sure that I want to subscribe to DUO 450.. I clicked YES but after that nothing happened.


      I then installed the GSERVICES app to my smartphone. I added the prepaid SIM number. After the introduction etc., I went to PROMOTION and click subscribe DUO 450 for 30days. It asked me If I was sure to subscribe and I clicked YES, after that a message popped up that I will receive a text message upon successful registration. I checked the inbox of the Prepaid SIM card, I did receive a message but the text was the same with the first error message I received when I first register to duo via SMS, that is, "The keyword you entered was not correct"


      I don't know what else to do and try anymore. I reported this to the globe call center already but the representative also didn't know what happened, so she just made a fault ticket and asked me to wait for 24hrs. as of this writing it's already 20hrs after I made that call.


      Hope someone can help me. Thanks!!!

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          Paulo D

          Hi hyejin18!


          Sorry to know that. I understand that you've tried to register via text (e.g. DUO MM 450 and send to 8888), via MyAccount at http://accounts.globe.com.ph, and via GServices app.


          Have you by any chance tried to register via *143#?

          • Just dial *143# from your Globe mobile phone then press call
          • Enter the number for 'Call & Text' then press Reply/Response/Answer/Send/OK to confirm
          • Enter the number for 'Call & Text within the Philippines' then press Send to confirm
          • Enter the number for 'Call Promos' then press Send to confirm
          • Enter the number for 'MyDuo' then press Send to confirm
          • Enter the number for 'Subscribe' then press Send to confirm