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    iPhone 5s warranty


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      My iPhone i got from Globe last May (warranty expires May 2015) has a faulty front cam. There's a dot on it (not dead pixel and dust).  Question is should I surrender and have it serviced with iStore/PoweMac or I'll let Globe serviced it for me? Will they repair the cam only or will they totally replace my phone.  Also I heard rumors that replacement phones are REFURBISHED? Is this true? Thanks!

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          You can just proceed to the Apple Store to have your phone checked since it is still under warranty. As for replacement, Globe will send your device to the manufacturer to be evaluated to check if the device is un-repairable. Thus, this will only delay the repair of your phone, so it is better just go to Apple store directly. Yes, manufacturers usually provide a comparable or refurbish unit as replacement for warrantied devices that are un-repairable and will carry over the remaining warranty or extend the warranty if the original warranty is less than 90 days. This is standard practice by gadgets and computer manufacturers.