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    installation contractors made me pay for wired connection


      Hi, yesterday the installation contractors arrived and had our dsl installed. Since I'm the only one left at home to talk to the contractors, they told me that they can't install longer wire/cable because globe can't allow them and I have to pay for it but I shouldn't tell globe agents that I've paid them. I know this isn't right. They even told me that it's 25php/meter. So I just agreed because I think that the wire will just be 15meters. Then when he finished installing the wires,he told me it's 55meters that costs 1300. I was shocked and can't believe that it will be like that so I asked him if he's sure about it.  He insisted that I should pay him but I just had 2k for the advance payment which is 1299. He still took my money and just gave me a receipt for the advance payment for globe. Are your contractors always like that? Do you really don't allow them to install longer wires?

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          How far is the connection from the post going to your home? As far as I know this is a certain length of wire in order to obtain the optimum connection. If that length is beyond that it may cause for you to have a slow speed or intermittent connection and Globe will not continue with the installation. I'm not sure what is the maximum length is acceptable if it is 10 or 15 meters. What I can suggest is to call the hotline Contact Us or visit the nearest Globe Store and report your concern.