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    linked spotify and deactivated facebook


      you're having issues on how can you access spotify(premium) which you technically linked with your fb acct which you wanna keep deactivated please be minded that most of globe reps that I have talked for the past days doesn't know how to resolve it and cannot be honest to tell you that they don't know any and have a bad attitude on giving lame reasons and ending on hung ing up on you. As a fellow community user I'll share to you some tips or tricks to resolve it


      1st you have to reactivate your Facebook account but don't worry this is just temporary

      2nd once fb is activated go to spotify.com

      3rd go to account setting now go to set device password

      4th ensure email updates are activated

      5th check your email where your fb is linked

      6th set a device password

      7th save the numerical user Id that spotify given you

      8th go to fb have your acct deactivated

      9th go to spotify enter user id and password which we setup on the 6th step.

      voila enjoy your premium spotify (: