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    Why 24 to 48 hours if it cannot be followed?


      We all know it, Globe knows it, everybody knows it...


      Being a subscriber for 20 years (with emphasis) I have heard that spiel ("I'll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours" or "expect feedback in 24 to 48 hours") since the start of my subscription and Globe complying with that commitment is more of an EXCEPTION than the rule. Many of the issues being written in this community have in fact mentioned those empty promises.


      Maybe it's about time that the spiel is changed or further studied so as not to raise the expectations of subscribers.


      Frankly, it's been irritating my ears whenever it is being said even if I challenge the CSR into fulfilling it based on my experience and with 7 accounts to take care of and speaking with a Globe representative  for at least once a week, it's no joke to be on the receiving end of these promises. While patience is a virtue when dealing with Globe, unfulfilled feedback within the time frame given not by us subscribers but by Globe representatives just shows an utter lack of professionalism.


      After 20 years, I am documenting this here in the hope that Globe would be able to do something about it. Please take it as constructive criticism.

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          Hi ChitoReyes,


          Thank you for the honesty and your intent to help us make our service better. Will definitely raise this. Your insight is valued, sir.

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            I signed up on the website globe provided for the iphone 6. My reference number is GTP91695309


            I have observed in the My Applications page that my Lock Up Period is until October 2015, but I know that I started my plan last December 2012. That means it should end on December 2014.


            I called the hotline, and they said that in the old system my lock up period will end in december 2014, but in the new system its October 2015. They filed a report and said that the support team is going to contact me.


            After 2 weeks and 5 calls to the hotline, nothing is happening. Its already November 7 and i might not be able to reserve since my lock up is until October 2015 which is wrong, and it Globe is taking no action on my request.


            This is so frustrating. 2 weeks no response from the globe support team. If they are requesting me to pay my bill they call everyday, now that I have a concern they dont even give feedback.

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              i admire you for your GREAT patience..

              i "most of the time" experience the same.. i would rather make an effort to go to a globe center, and wait for my turn to talk to a globe sales rep, rather than calling 211 and get UNSURE answers from phone agents..

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                I applied Globe Postpaid last MAY 16. I am happy and satisfied the way Email Support answer all my queries. Since I am working in a graveyard shift, it's hassle for me to go to store to make a ff up. Since gusto ko makauwi agad From Ortigas - Alabang para makapagpahinga lng,  The easiest way to ff up is thru Email & CS. Email Support is good. However last May 29 (Friday) I called CS 211 and ff up my application, I provided all information he asked. And He promised will forward my concern and he told me to expect a call within 24-48 hrs. But until now i haven't receive any call, I feel disappointed kasi nag aabang ako ng call, actually I've set into higher Volume pa ang phone ko just not to missed the call sana. I'd rather go to globe store na lang siguro to ff up kesa tumawag sa CS 211 and get false information.

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                  Even on platinum, the 24-48 hours callback doesn't consistently happen. There are times when support follows through (around half of the time a callback is needed), but you'd expect stellar performance since you're on a premium account. Makes you think twice whether the price is worth it.

                  Heard through the grapevine: all calls through their support hotlines are handled by contractors, who might not necessarily have CSat as their primary KPI. Getting support and assistance through the Globe store personnel is better, but you'd have to deal with the queue.

                  Oh well, I miss those days when Globe support via phone was really good and satisfactory. But that was years ago.


                  Now I feel old. +_+