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    Why do i get local data charges for using blackberry messenger when registered for bbchat 100? My bill blew up to 5000!


      have been using the same phone for 2 years and never had a problem like this. i usually chat with people overseas using bbm but i was shocked when they cut my line because i surpassed the credit limit of 5000. I recently applied for rebate and expect only 400 as my monthly fee. I thought bbm is unlimited when registered to bbchat 100. i dont use the internet explorer with my bb coz i have wifi at the office.  do globe charge me extra when i use wifi for bbm? Is bbm like regular data? So whats the advantage of bbm? This is really frustrating. I feel i need to pay for a mistake not of my own doing. Pls help. If any technician can answer my question pls do. Thanks