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    Postpaid application


      Planning to apply for Plan 1799 (LG G3, free under 30-month lock in period). IDs ko lang are Company ID and TIN ID. as in walang iba, naubos ung mga ID ko nung mawala wallet ko last August. I don't have any bills under my name (Globe would be the first, if ever). May printed payslip and COE na ko. BTW, call center agent ako pero - 2 years and 9 months na sa company. Pwede na kaya tong mga qualifications? Bday gift ko sana sa sarili ko. Hehe.

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          Pwede na yan! Push mo na!

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            Kailangan pa din kasi yung proof of billing, kahit hindi sayo naka pangalan as long as yung address nan dun kasi yun ang purpose nun makita nila yung address.. hingi ka na lang authorization letter sa owner ng proof of billing..

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              HI! if you want to apply for a postpaid line this are the requirements


              need at least 1 requirements for POID, POBA and POFC


              POID = To establish the existence of the person (e.g. name / identity not made-up)

                          To establish that the individual applying for a subscription is the same person represented in his/her documents.

                        *Company ID or Government employee ID

                        *Driver’s License or computer-generated temporary driver’s license


                        *NBI Clearance

                        *Firearms license

                        *Seaman’s book

                        *Associated Marine Officer’s and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP) Dependent’s card

                        *Internationally-issued ID of retired US Navy Officials

                        *Postal ID

                        *Senior Citizen’s ID

                        *Other National Government Agency-issued ID

                        *Globe Platinum ID

                        *Persons with Disability (PWD) ID or National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP) Certification

                        *Student Driver’s Permit

                        *G-CASH Card

                        *Cooperative-issued ID

                        *College School ID

                        *PRC ID

                        *TIN / SSS / GSIS / Philhealth ID

                        *GSIS eCard Plus / UNIFIED MULTI-PURPOSE ID (UMID) eCard

                        *Voter’s ID


              Note: If company ID is also the ATM, Debit card & Time in/out card (multi-functional ID), verification shall be done to confirm authenticity of POID


              POBA = To establish completeness and accuracy/exactness of billing address given and to ensure that Globe's / Innove's future                                communications or billings will be received by the applicant in the indicated billing address

                        *Any of the acceptable POID

                        *Latest Public Utility Bill

                        *Latest Utility bills with incomplete address

                        *Latest Hand-written Utility bills

                        *Latest Official Receipt (O.R.) of Electric Cooperative bills

                        *Latest billing statement issued by Microfinance Institutions (MFI), Retail stores or Appliance Centers engaged in                                        installment payment terms (Ex. Gillamacs Appliance Center, Emilio S. Lim Appliance Center, K-servico)

                        *Latest Computerized Official Receipts (O.R.) bearing preferred billing address

                        *AMOSUP Dependent’s card

                        *Letterhead of company indicating address

                        *Latest Credit Card Statement

                        *Latest Bank Statement

                        *Latest computerized payslip

                        *Latest W2 Form (BIR form 2316)

                        *Insurance premium notice

                        *Latest Club statement of account

                        *Publication w/ subscription label or tag

                        *Any post-marked envelope

                        *Latest Airway bill

                        *Latest Notarized Contract of Lease

                        *Latest Business/Mayor’s Permit


              POFC = To assess if applicant is capable to sustain the subscription

                        *Latest Certificate of Employment and Compensation (COE)

                        *Latest computerized payslip (Private Organization)

                        *Latest Self-printed payslip (similar to GT payslip printed from HRMall/Oracle system)

                        *Latest Government Payroll/Payslip

                        *Latest ITR (BIR Form 1700 for employees)

                        *Latest W2 form (BIR form 2316)

                        *Electronic bill (E-bill) credit card statements including those of internationally-issued credit cards

                        *Printed unofficial copy of bank statement coming from the bank

                        *Certificate of land title being farmed

                        *Certification from the Sugar Association

                        *Latest ITR (BIR form 1701 for sole proprietor)

                        *Latest Credit Card statement showing minimum credit limit of Php20,000 with no past due

                        *Credit Card ID including internationally-issued cards

                        *Latest two (2) months bank statement of account / passbook

                        *Combined savings/current deposits from different banks

                        *Dollar Savings Account

                        *Latest Notarized Lease Contract (used by Landlord)

                        *Last three (3) months Foreign remittance slip (ex. Western Union)

                        *Last three (3) months certificate of allotment from applicant’s spouse

                        *Latest Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit With NO gross sales indicated

                        *Latest Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit With gross sales indicated


              hope this could help