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    Frustrating Globe SUpport team


      I signed up on the website globe provided for the iphone 6. My reference number is GTP91695309


      I have observed in the My Applications page that my Lock Up Period is until October 2015, but I know that I started my plan last December 2012. That means it should end on December 2014.


      I called the hotline, and they said that in the old system my lock up period will end in december 2014, but in the new system its October 2015. They filed a report and said that the support team is going to contact me.


      After 2 weeks and 5 calls to the hotline, nothing is happening. Its already November 7 and i might not be able to reserve since my lock up is until October 2015 which is wrong, and it Globe is taking no action on my request.


      This is so frustrating. 2 weeks no response from the globe support team. If they are requesting me to pay my bill they call everyday, now that I have a concern they dont even give feedback.

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          That dreaded system upgrade... more in https://community.globe.com.ph/message/68302#68302


          Regarding time frame of feedback... check https://community.globe.com.ph/message/94270#94270

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            Hi kixjavier,


            Apologies for the inconvenience, sir. Let me endorse you to our support team. Kindly provide your mobile number/s by updating your account profiles her in Globe Community. Avoid posting your mobile number in the the public threads so we can keep this piece of information private.

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                I already updated my profile. I am sure that globe knows my number. I have been calling and following up but I havent heard from any support team. I pity the people behind the phone, they get shouted at or scolded for things they cannot control since the support team is hiding behind them.


                For those 2 weeks I was calling I never got a feedback from the support team. Now, I am waiting for my device. I was told that it will arrive on the 21st, it did not arrive. I made myself available since I was told to personally receive the device. I called the hotline, made me go around in circles. I was told that it has been dispatched to the delivery team, I was asking for a tracking number but there was none. No courier. no tracking number. I left my number, there was no text about my device. Hotline made me go around in circles again. There was no answer, no feedback when the device would arrive. Some people have schedules too. Im just tired of Globe's saying sorry all the time. Produce fruit in keeping with your apologies.


                The holtline, chat, and twitter customer assistance is just making us go around in circles. But the truth is we need feedback from the Globe Support team. After several calls, chats and emails to globes support channels, we really don't get the support we need. We don't get the answers we need.

                Dear Globe, we need answers. Please don't makes us go around in circles. We need compensation. I hope that the same effort and resource you use to chase people who have unpaid bills will be the same in really helping your customers. In providing excellent service we need.