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    Reset plan for iPhone 6 plus?


      I noticed that the iPhone 6 has a reset plan. Will it carry over on the iPhone 6 plus? I'm planning to get the 6 plus and resetting my account because I'm still locked it. How much is the estimated calculation for the reset? I'm planning to get the 1799 plan.

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          Paulo D

          Hi Charles_Que!


          Has this been resolved? If you wish to retain your current plan, then you may do so as long as you change your data to GoSurf. Your current plan must be 299 and up. Please take note that those who apply for early-recontracting cannot downgrade to a lower plan. Your Reset fee will be calculated depending on the cash-out if any, contract period, balance months to go, and cash-out of device if any.


          You may go to www.globe.com.ph/iphone6 to proceed with your order.