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    No Stocks


      i already registered for ip6, pero wala naman din pala stocks.

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          Same here...it says pre-approved application but i cannot continue finalizing application because it says device is out of stock and it wont allow me to proceed with the application/pre-order

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            SAme here...pre-approved but cannot proceed anymore after clicking submit....but am seeing posts from other threads that others have received updates on delivery dates already... Am not even sure what pre-approved means :-(

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              Paulo D

              Hi, everyone!


              Has this been resolved? If not, kindly provide your mobile number you used to register for iPhone 6 by updating your account profile here in Globe Community. No need to post your mobile numbers in the threads. Only Community admins can see your mobile numbers.


              You can also choose from other model options. If still out of stock, you may check availability and retry again at a later time. Please take note that stocks are subject to availability.

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                same here, been trying for days still no stock available for the 6+ 64 and 128gb. hope its just a website error and that globe resolves this urgent issue immediately.

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                    Same here...pre-approved for iphone6 64GN Gold but can't proceed to the continue... It always say out of stock!!! And this 12midnight, the device.globe.cm.ph is no longer available! SO WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY PREAPPROVED STATUS IF TGE WEBSITE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE? Should I just proceed to any branches of globe to yell and get my iPhone 6+ 64GB GOLD on the long cue of line today????