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    incoming calls barring


      How do i unlock my incoming calls barring?. Its a new sim replacement from nano to microsim. All trouble shootings were already done, from dialing #33 ****  numbers and shifting sims and everything. Today my sim was replaced again, and still, all incoming calls are BARRED. HELP ME SAVE LIVES BY HELPING ME UNLOCK MY SIM. THANK YOU.



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          Hi doctormalmon,


          Try these:

          Dial #35*password# then press send/call button or dial ##002# then press send/call button.


          Note: The default barring password is 1234. If there's an error after doing these dialling procedure. You may call the hotline to request for resetting of call barring password.




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              Thank you for the reply, I have done this a couple of times, called about 3

              customer service representatives whome advised the same procedure. Iii

              dialled #33 and also #35*password#. They also tried restetting the

              password. I transferred my sim to other phones, basic phone, android and

              back to my IPHONE 5 which I was able to recharge (phone problem) and YET

              ALL incoming calls and texts are still BARRED. yesterday also, at a Globe

              Center, they replaced again my sim and yet still has the same problems.

              Please help me. Thank you so much.

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              to activate **21*cp all

              cancel ##21# send


              *#21# send check



              call barring all calls activate




              #330*code# send




              all out going

              *33*code# send



              #33*code send





              all incoming call

              *353*code send

              #353*code send




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                Hi doctormalmon,


                Try these one, just follow the instructions below. Pls. take note the default password is 1234.



                To bar all incoming calls
                To start, enter *35* password#
                To stop, enter #35* password #
                To bar all outgoing calls
                To start, enter *33* password #
                To stop, enter #33*password #