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    ATM transfer to GCash, screen says it failed. Tried a few more times, gave up, went home only to discover I've no money left. What the heck??? Help!


      ATM transfer to Gcash. Tried to transfer from RCBC via PNB atm, chose AUB/GCash, entered my 11-digit number, screen says invalid or failed, checked balance, a few pesos deducted but fine whatever, a few more attempts, still failed, went to another machine (Metrobank), fails, checked balance, money still there, few attempts more,  a lot of failure and eventually gave up. When I got home, I've only got P94. What the flying heck?!?!


      Money I had: P1025.78

      Money attempted to tansfer: P950 (as failure occured I [angrily] punched in amounts ranging from P900-P800)

      Money left as I got home: P94.48

      Me: Disappointed and sad and angry.


      This is the first time I used the Bancnet transfer feature. I was so excited to renew my GCash AmEx so I could [finally, FINALLY] buy something from Amazon. I'm not trying that feature again. Like ever.