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    Paying for iphone 6 plus


      help me understand this!


      YOUR BUNDLEMy Super Plan Unli Surf Combo 1799

      24 months contract period ₱ 1799 0 CONSUMABLE AMOUNT

      iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Gold  ₱ 14400



      RESET FEE 4,284

      TOTAL AMOUNT ₱ 18,684


      For renewal of contract with charge-to-bill arrangement, the payoff fee will be charged in full to your next bill, while the handset cashout fee will be spread over 24 months.  QUESTION: IS THE PAY OFF FEE THE 4,284? AND THE 18,684 THE AMOUNT TO BE SPREAD OUT IN 24 MONTHS? IS THIS A CORRECT UNDERSTANDING?

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          bisaykid Charged to bill will cover the following:

          • Reset Fee (Pay off fee), which is one time fee that will appear on your next billing statement (not divided into 24 months)
          • Handset cashout, which will be divided into 24 months or 24 billing statements
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              does charged to bill only applicable to those who opted to use credit card? what if  the existing plan, device cash out is spread over 24 months without using credit card?

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                  i just talked to a globe rep. ok lang na walang cc sa charged to bill. but im confused kasi sabi ng rep. ang pay off fee and cashout fee(price ng handset) pag pinagsama e dedivide daw sa ilang months ka nag charged to bill.

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                      pnu ba mgging charge to bill? mdyo nghuluhan nko.. i rcvd a tx


                      Globe iPhone Update: We noticed that you haven't completed your payment for your iPhone 6. To proceed, please log in to www.globe.com.ph/iphone6 using your email address and reference number. You may have also received an email and claim stub confirming handset delivery or pickup. Please disregard these as valid email and claim stub will be sent once payment is made. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and we'd like to thank you for getting the iPhone 6 from Globe.


                      but i already received an email last nov8

                      with requirements to prepare


                      Hi, Jacklyn!


                      The new iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Gold is now YOURS.


                      Your phone will be delivered right to your doorstep. Orders completed on or before Nov. 10 will be delivered on Nov. 14, and to Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao only. Other areas will be covered starting Nov. 15. Orders completed after Nov. 10 will be delivered on Nov. 15 onwards, and will follow this schedule:


                      - Metro Manila: within 3 working days

                      - Provincial: within 5-7 working days


                      Details of your subscription:

                      Reference Number: GTP53750840

                      Email: [email protected]

                      Account Name: Custodio Jose

                      Mobile Number:

                      Plan:My Super Plan Unli Surf Combo 1799

                      Unit: iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Gold

                      Capacity: 16GB

                      Color: Gold

                      Cash out: 14400

                      Payment option: Credit Card


                      kailngan b tlg byran ko na?wat if gsto ko charge to bill kc renewal of contract nmn ako eh..

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                    Hi GlennO,


                    If I would pick up my iPhone in a Globe store instead of having it delivered to my house, could I still pick it up on Nov 14 even if I complete the payment after Nov 10? I hope you could clarify this. Thanks.

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                    Hi GlennO,


                    My contract will renew on the 30th of December. I still have a pre-term fee of 1,200 something on top of 14,400 cash out. What the difference if I wait a while and continue with my pre-order on the 30th of November?