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    Iphone 6 payment query tru credit card.


      During the pre order process we selected the credit card option and completed the whole transaction then we received an email confirmation about the delivery details that it will be sent out on 14 nov. My question is, when do i need to pay the cash out amount? Is it still for 24 mths to pay as originally stated during the process of application?

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          Did you pick the credit card straight payment option? If yes, I think there's a "payment" button when you log in and you'd have to fill in your credit card's details. So basically, you're paying the cash out fee online already (Well that's what the customer service agent told me)

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            Hi there! Did you choose the Credit Card (Straight) payment option? If that is case, you will pay the whole amount. But as I have read in the other threads, you can arrange to pay it via installment and you have to arrange it with your bank.


            To simplify this, Globe will charge the whole amount in your CC, you will call your bank to defer or pay it on an installment basis. That is what GlennO said.