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    iPhone 6 Application Status


      Hi! I would like to ask for help. I accidentally click iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 6 Plus. Now my application status is "For Claiming/For Pickup" but I don't want the iPhone 6. How do I change it t iPhone 6 Plus?

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          Same situation as you, i called their hotline 211 and I ask for change of Phone model. They confirmed to answer my request in 24 hrs, but informed me that if approved the availability will be delayed at least 4 days. it is just fine with me.

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              I would also be fine with that. I would rather wait a little to get the 6 Plus than get the 6 and regret it later. Also, can anyone explain to me the charge-to-bill option for 24 months? I got kind of confused plus the reset fee since I still have 12 months left in my contract. Any enlightenment is much appreciated.

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                  that's the pay-off or pretermination fee if you are still within the lock-up period and you avail/upgrade to iPhone 6 for example. generally this is the computation:


                  Pre-termination Fee =

                  Handset Base Price [HBP] - Cashout

                  Total Holding Period

                  x Remaining Holding Period

                  the charge to bill option would be depending on customers' account history and profile. i believe this was only a promo and for customers who preregister last month, October.


                  hope that helps.