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    Renewing UnliSurf 1799


      I am about to renew my 2012 contract under UnliSurf 1799. Does anyone know if I will still be getting the combos and consumables with it? Meaning the free text messages and call minutes I signed up for back in 2012 will be part of the renewal? Or will it simply be the data plan with nothing else?

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          Hi wileecoyote yes you can except the unlisurf 999, you will be forced to avail GoSurf. When you recontract just inform the agent that you want to retain your old old or current plan

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            You have the option to retain your current plan or change your plan to GoSurf. Recontracting agent do not usually emphasize on retaining your old plan instead they will try to convince you to change your plan to GoSurf. Just tell that the renewal is for 24 months, otherwise, when you opt for 30 months to lessen the cash out, your old plan will be changed mandatory.


            Always ask questions when in doubt and ask the agent's name and ticket number of your transaction with Globe.