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    iphone 6 payment method


      Hi, I just received an email that may application is pre-approved and now for finalization. I opted to pick-up the unit at any globe store within NCR since Im planning to pay the unit via credit card (installment mode). However, upon all the stores listed for pick-up are outside NCR.


      I called the hotline and were informed that schedule of pickup within NCR are fully booked. And I may request for the delivery of the unit and choose the charge-to-bill arrangement. The problem is, charge-to-bill arrangement is not included in the payment method. Can you help me with this?



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          Paulo D

          Hi sarah.jezreel!


          Has this been resolved? If not, kindly provide your mobile number you used to register for iPhone 6 by updating you profile account here in Globe Community so I can endorse this to our support group. No need to post your mobile number in the threads. Only Community admins can see your mobile number.


          If you meet the criteria for Charge-to-Bill (CTB), you're supposed to see that option when you go to www.globe.com.ph/iphone6

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              Hi, the messenger went to my house to deliver my iphone 6 but refused to give the unit to my husband and was asking for the cash out i need to pay but was confirmed this with globe that it will be charge to my acct and no need to pay for the device cash out. Can u pls help me and air 21 delivery guy is very rude!