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    GoSurf 499 Problem



      I'm a new Globe subscriber who availed GoSurf499. As you see on the picture, I'm supposed to get 1.5gb of data but it only show that my limit is 913,204 KB. Even if you add the 148,268 KB(used data) and 913,204 KB(data limit) it only adds to 1.06GB. I also don't think you should add those because comparing it to my All Net Texts, I have used 3SMS and my limit is still showing 250SMS. I believe I am lacking 500mb on my data plan. Another problem is that I was promised 6months spotify premium trial but when I registered, Globe only gave me 3months. I have already tried refreshing and re logging in, customer service staff on Globe stores also doesn't have a clue. So how can you fix this Globe?