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    Cancel iphone6 pre-order with delivery confirmation/revise recontracting period


      I registered a pre-order for iphone6+ recontracting before november 7. Got an email last november 7 stating that I can now finalize my order, but unluckyly when go to the globe iphone preorder site it keeps on saying that I device is out of stock. Today I changed the device from iphone 6plus 64GB to iphone 6 64GB. I finalized my pre-order using COD  as payment option and stated that it is ready for delivery. But was suprised that the lockin period is only 6 months not 2 years and I need to pay 32400. I assume that the 32400 is due to the short lockin period. Can I change the lockin period from 6 months to 2 years?


      I also called the hotline they advised me to register for pre-order using another email address but when I used my mobile number it gives an error saying that I am already registered.