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    Can i unenroll the boosters?


      When I registered in the iphone plan I selected plan 1299 and the combos. The selection process was a bit confusing and I got the booster for unlitext to one globe/tm number (Php175), which will be billed on top of the plan. Can I opt out of the booster? I know the combos I can change from time to time, but I don't really need that booster since I dont text that often to the number i registered. Sayang naman ang 175 dagdag pa sa bill.

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          Hi jher,


          Yes you can. Just register and enroll your line at MyAccount (http://accounts.globe.com.ph) and edit it there.

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              As per the Terms and Conditions:



              1. iii. Specific to Plan Boosters, the Subscriber may enroll to any of the available Plan Boosters anytime and will be effective immediately. Once subscribed, the Plan Booster(s) will be automatically charged on top of the Monthly Service Fee (MSF) on the current bill cut-off. The Plan Booster(s) will auto-renew every thirty (30) days unless Subscriber opts out/terminates. The Subscriber may add or terminate the Plan Booster(s) by going to the nearest Globe Store, calling the Hotline, or logging in at the Globe Website (Plan Builder). However, Monthly fee(s) for the Plan Booster will not be pro-rated even if Subscriber opts-out/terminates the same prior to the expiration of the 30-day period.